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Our four (4) year history of bringing the right talent to project teams has been successful in project awards including the Maryland Department of Budget and Management, Management Consulting Services for Maryland State Agencies, Maryland Judiciary; Administrative Office of the Courts, Department of Maryland State Police; Forensic Sciences Division, Texas Health and Human Services Commission, and Texas Department of State Health Services.




How it works:  Determine the areas and/or tasks within the RFP you wish to contract to HPI. Work with your HPI Contact to identify the background, necessary skills, and scope in order to complete the work. All HPI Consultants will be exclusive to the team. Upon award, the proposed HPI Consultant will be given the opportunity to perform the work. In any instance the proposed consultant is not available; HPI will assign a qualified Consultant to perform the work. 


Likely Applications:   Firms who provide services to the public sector who are required to meet a client specified sub contract participation levels.


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Patti Steakley

December 17, 1964 – August 17, 2019

Today we mourn our dear friend Patti who will forever be a part of HirePros.

Patti started with the company not long after it was formed and was with us to the end.

I personally will forever be grateful for everything you have done not only for the company but most importantly for being my true friend. I will miss you...

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