Qualification Assessment

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Through our partnership with Kanexa/Proveit Technologies, we can offer you access to a wide variety of technical and non-technical evaluation tests designed to give you yet another alternative to assist with internal recruiting processes and evaluation capabilities. This valuable tool is an inexpensive way to legally and fairly streamline and evaluate potential or current employee’s skills, knowledge, and understanding. The HirePros®/Proveit system is easy, seamless, and cost effective to implement, utilize, and administer.


HIRE Productivity® makes it easy:


  • Free trial
  • No Contracts
  • No Set up fees
  • Monthly billing


Proveit makes it simple:


Upon your request the Proveit site will:


  • send passwords and instructions to the email address directed by you
  • notify you immediately with results when the test has been completed
  • tell you how long it took the person to complete the test
  • evaluate the results against the national average
  • give you the test breakdown of content and percent correct in each section
  • track the results on an ongoing basis
  • change the passwords monthly for security and cost controls


You can chose from a variety of online assessment topics.


  • Technical : Software, Microsoft Applications, Application or Database programming languages, Networking
  • Office Skills; Accounting, Legal, Banking, Industrial
  • Medical terms, knowledge, and understanding
  • Customer service: Call Center
  • Workplace: Safety, EEOC, Sexual Harassment


How it works:   HIRE Productivity® will assign a login and password for your company. You will have the ability to login, view test descriptions, and assign tests to employees and candidates to be taken online or in a controlled setting. The tests are timed. The administrator will be notified when the test has begun and results will be sent upon completion. Since the tests are graded on a national average which includes all examinations. HPI recommends a benchmark score be obtained through a company representative assessment. Price is based on individual utilization (per test).


Likely Applications:  Corporate pre employment evaluation, software or programming skills assessment, user software capability, workplace safety and etiquette knowledge, or individuals who wish to validate their skill sets.  


 View available tests at ProveIt.

Patti Steakley

December 17, 1964 – August 17, 2019

Today we mourn our dear friend Patti who will forever be a part of HirePros.

Patti started with the company not long after it was formed and was with us to the end.

I personally will forever be grateful for everything you have done not only for the company but most importantly for being my true friend. I will miss you...

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