HIRE Pros® Methodology

"Your Success is Our Mission ® "

HIRE Productivity® takes a systemic approach to everything we do. Our system insures that we give you all of the information you want.  


We are prepared to discuss the candidate in detail and at length


Our Recruiters are trained to gather, verify, and validate work history, education, and technical skills through conducting our in-depth interview. This interview covers everything from eligibility to work to core technical experience, competencies, certifications, likes/dislikes of each position, specific industry or application experience, compensation, reasons for leaving, accomplishments, target compensation, motivations, and career goals.


Validated technical ability


We believe by giving you the capability to know HirePros® candidates true technical capabilities. HIRE Productivity® offers you a choice of any 2 technical skills evaluation tests as a built in feature of both our Contingent Recruiting and Temporary Help solutions services. HIRE Productivity® neither designs, administers nor evaluates these exams. These online technical tests have been created and are administered by Proveit/Kenexa Technologies. You will receive the candidates complete test results for the tests you have chosen along with their profile or resume. Now, through our reseller agreement with Kenexa Technologies HIRE Productivity® can offer you Proveit tests as a separate service giving you yet another alternative to assist with internal recruiting processes without engaging our Contingent or Temporary/Contract services. For more information see Qualification Assessment.



Automated Tracking System


The company has implemented a state of the art tracking system CVTracer™ which is secured, monitored and maintained by the vendor and requires no data entry of resumes by HIRE Productivity® staff. This powerful ASP has automated all of our recruiting operations. CV Tracer™ allows the company to identify and track candidates by skill, location, experience, status, and availability within seconds. This tool has already proven to give HIRE Productivity® a competitive edge when responding to our customer’s immediate Contingent and Temporary/Contract service needs. For more information go to http://www.cvtracer.com/ or Applicant Management.


We protect your information


We take the utmost care of any information or details you share with us regarding your company and any position. We have a strict process and policy in place that legally protects any and all of your information. Our candidates or Consultants will have signed a Non disclosure agreement relating to any of your information before your company or position will be discussed.


We take care of the details


We do more than coordinate interviews. Our systems are designed to make the hiring process as easy as possible for our customers. We will handle any pre approved interview related travel arrangements, accommodations, and transportation. We will go the extra mile - literally! Our Recruiters will personally insure that any out of town candidates you invite to interview are treated as the guest that they are. We can prepay these expenses for you and bill you later. We want to insure their experience with both HIRE Productivity® Inc. and your organization is a pleasant one that reflects our commitment to service and makes a good first impression on your behalf.


We verify everything


We personally verify dates of employment and education. You will know which HirePros® Recruiter researched the candidate as well as the name, telephone number, and title of the person to whom we verified the information. Unfortunately, sometimes this information is only available via automated response or on the web. However, we have had situations when automated information (voice and web) has been incorrect. Our determination and research cleared the way for our customer to hire the candidate and corrected a problem of which the candidate was unaware.




Our first goal is to speak with the candidate's direct supervisors from previous positions. However, this is not always possible. In addition we want to give you feedback from various workplace points of view based on the relationship to the candidate. Our Reference documentation will define that relationship and give you the various peer and workplace perspectives based on that relationship.


Background and Driving Record Checks


The HirePros® service solution also includes a complete Criminal background check and Department of Motor Vehicle history as a part of our Contingent Recruiting and Temporary/Contract Consulting service options. We start the criminal background check process once you have decided to meet any HirePros® candidate or contract Consultant. The timeframe for receiving the results of the background check varies, but typically is completed within one week. Starting this process before the interview takes place will alleviate wasted interviewing time with candidates who are unable to successfully surpass the guidelines of your organization. This also can expedite the employees start date once an offer is extended. The Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) takes 24 to 48 hours and is conducted upon request once an offer is extended. HIRE Productivity® utilizes the services of QuickSearch Nationwide Screening Services (http://www.quicksi.com/) to conduct these searches. All of HirePros® Temporary/Contract Consultants have successfully completed a background check. For more information see Measurement (Background Checks).


Substance/Drug Screening


Since these types of policies vary from organizations to organization, Substance/Drug Screening are arranged upon customer request.




Your satisfaction with any of our services is guaranteed.


Follow up


We don't stop once a HirePros® candidate becomes your employee. We track their progress in 30 day increments through their first 90 days of employment and longer for Executive level positions. We want you both to be as happy on the 91st day as you were on the first day of their employment.

Patti Steakley

December 17, 1964 – August 17, 2019

Today we mourn our dear friend Patti who will forever be a part of HirePros.

Patti started with the company not long after it was formed and was with us to the end.

I personally will forever be grateful for everything you have done not only for the company but most importantly for being my true friend. I will miss you...

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