"Your Success is Our Mission ® "

HIRE Productivity® successfully assists our clients to better manage the human side of change by providing a positive way for former employees to transition forward and find new employment.


HirePros® offers a complete range of career transition services, helping to strategically plan, practically implement, and successfully conclude the job-change and career transition processes.


Our change experts work with clients and individuals to help them move beyond the traditional HR and change management processes, helping organizations and individuals benefit from the changes taking place in their industry and workplace.


How it works:  This service is personalized and is priced for individual affordability. You can choose to share this cost with the employee or provide upon engagement by the employee. Multiple packages available based on the individual employee(s) experience level. See Career Counseling


Likely Applications:  Firms who want to make a good faith effort to assist employees’ transition to new employment.

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