Applicant Management

"Your Success is Our Mission ® "

More applicants than ever before are looking for work. This has created an opportunity of overwhelming proportion for firms who need to hire. Employers have many more choices of applicants from which to find appropriate candidates.


Many firms rely on job boards and applicant tracking systems to control recruiting cost. Applicants too, utilize these mechanisms, likely including key words related to their capabilities.


This reality has rendered automated tools useless and necessitates human intervention to disseminate, differentiate, clarify and find the right candidates and manage the candidate pipeline for useful access in the future.   


HireProsâ on Demand is your one stop solution for controlling costs, getting to the right people or resource, while saving money and protecting your investment for the future.



How it works:  Our recruiting experts will screen and consolidate your applicants into defined segments based on your operations and requirements. All Management will have clarity to available skills, talent, and capability at a glance. Job board costs go away, since we use our access to the job boards. Monthly and bi-monthly rates are available.  


Likely Applications:  Any firm who has an immediate or constant need to hire or engage specialized talent for a specific task or role. Companies with the need to fairly and legally disseminate and manage applicants.

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